Pediatric Dental Crowns

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At Happy Pediatric Dental of Flower Mound, we specialize in caring for little smiles. We offer a range of tooth restoration solutions, including dental crowns, to repair damaged teeth and restore healthy, pain-free smiles. We use the latest technology and gentle techniques to make your child's treatment quick, comfortable, and free of stress.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Pediatric dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that we place over damaged teeth to restore their appearance and function. Dr. Harman may recommend a crown for your child for the following reasons:

  • To save a baby tooth with a large cavity and not enough tooth structure remaining to support a tooth-colored filling
  • To cover a primary tooth after nerve treatment (baby root canal)
  • To preserve a tooth that's worn, cracked, or fractured due to grinding (bruxism) or trauma
  • To protect a tooth with soft enamel or one that's at risk of decay

How Do Pediatric Crowns Protect Young Smiles?

It's important to keep baby teeth healthy until it's time for them to fall out naturally because they help with speech development and chewing, ensuring your child gets the nutrition needed to stay healthy. A dental crown strengthens a weakened tooth, preventing fractures or breakage. Crowns also seal away harmful, cavity-causing bacteria, keeping new tooth decay or cavities at bay.

Losing a baby tooth due to untreated damage can leave your child’s smile at risk. The neighboring teeth may shift toward the gap, leading to crooked teeth and problems with the bite. Preserving a damaged tooth with a pediatric dental crown will make it less likely that your child will require orthodontic treatment down the road.

What Are the Pediatric Crown Options?

The following are the types of crowns we offer at Happy Pediatric Dental of Flower Mound:

Stainless Steel Crowns: Stainless steel crowns offer a simple, quick, and affordable solution to repair a damaged tooth and restore your child’s healthy smile. The same-day restorations come in various shapes and sizes and don't require any impressions or molds. Placing stainless steel crowns requires minimal preparation and is a highly successful procedure.  

Zirconia Crowns: Zirconia crowns are closely matched to your child's natural teeth for seamless results. The beautiful, hypoallergenic material is perfect for repairing front teeth or teeth that show when your child smiles. Zirconia crowns are incredibly strong and durable, maintaining beautiful smiles until it is time for the affected teeth to fall out naturally.

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If you're looking for a pediatric dentistry practice offering gentle, kid-friendly care, we invite you to visit Happy Pediatric Dental of Flower Mound. Dr. Harman and his team will do everything they can to ensure your child is comfortable and happy while receiving the best possible care.

To learn more about repairing damaged teeth with pediatric dental crowns, we invite you to call our office at 469-240-5128 or fill out our online form to request an appointment today. We look forward to caring for your child's smile!

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